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Our farming families share a philosophy for sustainable farming that emphasizes our +community, +cows, +crops.

Farming Philosophy

+Our farming philosophy

+Community +Cows +Crops



From a community standpoint we focus on employee well-being and regard partnerships with our neighbors and surrounding towns as an integral part to our dairies.

  • Donation source of fresh dairy for our local backpack programs and food co-ops

  • Planted 2,200 trees, grassy buffer strips along ditches and waterways, and native grasses

  • Add over $213.4 million to the regional economy through job creation and purchases of crops, services and supplies



Raising our animals is done with compassion and attention to sustainability. We are able to reuse and recycle with cow comfort in mind.

  • Annual third party audits access our practices for animal care

  • Water that is used to cool milk before shipping is recycled for cow drinking and cooling

  • Sand our cows lay on is constantly recycled through a flow separation system



We use regenerative farming practices such as reduce-till, cover crops, crop rotation, and natural fertilizers to promote biodiversity, control erosion, and improve our ecosystems.

  • Cover crops add organic matter to soil, protect it from erosion, and sequester carbon from the soil and out of the atmosphere 

  • Reduce-till benefits top-soil health and retains CO2 in the soil 

  • Crop rotation mitigates the number of pathogens and pests and improves the soil structure and biomass

  • All fertilizer is produced by our animals (manure) and we is applied responsibly with testing and analysis 

We strive to produce dairy products that are appealing to consumers wants and needs. Based on trends and 

research our dairies have shifted our focus to sustainability and incorporate high standards for employee 

well-being, animal care, milk quality, and environmental stewardship.​​​​​​​​


Giving Consumers Options

Our Dairies

+Our Dairies

Our location in the agriculture friendly state of Indiana has given us this opportunity to grow and adapt to environmental and consumer changes. We are proud to have a farm that serves our community, employees, and families.


Site and Facility

  •  Founded in 2010

  • 4,400 cows 

  • $60.4 million yearly regional economic impact

  • 40 employees

  • 5 naturally-ventilated-freestall barns

  • 72 stall-rotary parlor

  • 1 automated milking arm 


  • Validus Certified in animal welfare and on-farm security

  • NonGMO Project verified


Site and Facilities

  • Founded in 2015

  • 5,900 cows 

  • $81 million yearly regional economic impact

  • 55 employees

  • 5 naturally-ventilated-freestall barns

  • 80-stall-rotary parlor

  • 1 automated milking arm

  • Enclosed commodity, feed-mixing shed


  • Validus Certified in animal welfare and on-farm security.

  • NonGMO Project verified


Site and Facilities

  • Founded in 2019

  • 5,300 cows 

  • $72 million yearly-regional-economic impact

  • 54 employees

  • 4 naturally-ventilated-freestall barns

  • 100-stall-rotary parlor

  • Enclosed commodity, feed-mixing shed


  • Validus Certified in animal welfare and on-farm security.

  • NonGMO Project verified

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