Sustainability to us means running a dairy farm that has a positive social impact, emphasizes the animal's well being, benefits its surrounding environments, and is profitable. On our dairies we see sustainability as a practical tool to help us be efficient.






From a community standpoint we focus on the safety and well being of our employees and regard our partnership with our neighbors and surrounding towns as an integral part to our dairies.

Boosting local economies
Restoring local ecosystems
Employee Wellness Program


Check out how we milk our cows and feed our calves above, and 

see how our animals are an equal part of our sustainability plan with how we utilize every gallon and recycled sand.

Every Gallon
Recycled Sand
Animal Care

View the crops, feeds, and environmental practices that make up our Regenerative Farming Initiative. This initiative supports our crop farmers who use practices such as no-till, crop rotation, cover crops, and natural fertilizers for erosion control and biodiversity. 

cover crops
crop rotation
Soil Testing



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